Scholarship Program Winning Essay 2019, (Runner up)

Rachel Junior | University of Arkansas

There are many different avenues to discover abandoned and foreclosure properties. My first step would be to contact the local banks in the city/state you are interested in and obtain a list of their REOs.

Rachel Junior | University of Arkansas
Rachel Junior | University of Arkansas

REOs are properties that have already been foreclosed and…

COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on real estate investing

What effect the coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic will have on real estate investors specializing in foreclosed properties and pre-foreclosures is uncertain. But there are a few things that are absolute facts that may inform your thinking about how to proceed in those markets.

On properties where the underlying mortgages… Scholarship Program Winning Essay 2018, (Grand Prize)

By Marina R. Burgner | Seminole State College

Millennials, ya gotta love ‘em! America raised them, and they’re the future of our great country. We are great again, aren’t we? When we talk about millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation, we’re generally referring to those born…, where you will uncover the most valuable, profit-rich distressed real estate deals in your area ... before they even hit the market.

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